Ever since we have been keeping the blog, we have been fascinated by the statistics page we can access. I thought it would be fun to share some of the mind boggling information with you.

This year to date we have had 16,790 visits to date, of those 1,385 of you hardy souls stayed on to read from between half an hour to over one hour. How amazing that is.

Intrigued to know what it is you are reading about I looked back over the topics searched for, after looking for Millstream gardens, the other hot topics are Gisborne Cockroaches, splinter remedies, Hedgehogs, frogs, Sweet Woodruff, Tiger worms, henna for the hair & how to pickle green walnuts. Some of the more obscure searches included: ammonia scented snow, plants that smell like rotting fish, weird people doing weird things (is that us?), poultice for creaky kneecaps, red worms in toilet bowl, flesh eating bacteria in Lake Ainsworth (found after we’d been swimming there), harvesting rat tailed maggots, holes on verges, ‘I see people picking nuts up under a tree’, a picture of a slimy frog & the rather broad ranging topic ‘anything’.

Some of these searches that led to our website, have us mystified that a link was found. Some of the more serious searches we are happy to think that we may have provided some helpful information. For December we have had visits from53 different countries including: Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine, Mexico, Malaysia, Finland, Turkey, China, Colombia, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, USA, India, Guatemala, South Korea & Japan. Isn’t the Internet an amazing place? Is it a place? Have a great Christmas, & we’ll catch up in the New Year.