I hate to waste anything, so when I was cutting back the Arugula (the perennial Roquette with yellow flowers) I decided to have a go & make Pesto with it. It’s a great alternative to Basil, & at the moment it’s more abundant in our garden. The Cabbage White Butterflies don’t seem interested in it either.

Take a couple of good handfuls of leaves, pick them over, removing any discoloured leaves & stiffer stalks. Chop coarsely.

In the blender chuck in a handful of walnuts,

a couple of cloves of garlic,

generous slosh of Olive oil,

& salt & pepper.

Whizz up until roughly chopped then feed in the leaves, adding more oil if needed. We’ve been eating salad wraps for lunch nearly every day, & the pesto is great smeared first on the bread. It’s also delicious spread on crackers with a slice of tomato on top.