I’ve been putting off writing the blog for the last few weeks, the current events have left me saddened & sober, pondering the whys & wherefores of life & feeling incredibly lucky to have a home & garden to work in.  Then I thought that it’s often the small things in life that keep us going & give us a sense of continuity & meaning, I don’t want to feel trivial in what I write. I think the optimism we cultivate as gardeners is also the optimism that emerges in a place such as Christchurch, once the scale of things is taken in, & that the many small things do make a difference.

Geoff & I have felt very saddened & helpless watching & hearing the ongoing news. Our hearts go out to you, in Christchurch, especially those who have lost loved ones.The scale of disaster in Japan is so enormous, I can hardly take it in, nor react appropriately, it’s beyond imagining in all ways. I think many of us have become newly aware of how interconnected the World is, the ripples both real & metaphorical are touching us all. The service for Christchurch on Friday touched several times on love & peace, those old  ‘hippy’  buzzwords, suddenly brought back into stark & newly meaningful context.

A reminder to live life each day, as best we can, love as best we can, & embrace our integrity.waipatiki-beach-066.jpg