We are having a bumper crop of Raspberries this year. We have 2 patches each about 2mX1m, we don’t get many earlier in the season but the Autumn crop is great & the birds leave them alone. We pick every second day, & freeze them until we’re ready to process as they can go mouldy very quickly. This is the first time we’ve made jam, & it’s delicious so will be a regular from now on.


1kg fruit… cook for 5 mins

1kg warm sugar

4tsp Rosewater (we bought ours from a local Indian supply shop, make sure you have the edible sort).

Cook all together, stir in1-2 cups red rose petals if you have them, with white base trimmed.

Cook until a little sets on a cold plate, then bottle into hot jars,with sterilised lids.