Yesterday a friend called in, “is business booming?’ she asked, we looked at each other, questioningly, “not really” & optimistically… “we’re going to make our own boom!!” Next minute the phone rings, the Dom Post wants to do an article on us, coming out next monday. Yikes that was quick, we say a short prayer of thanks to the God of small things, or whatever it is that keeps us afloat in the lean times.

Being self employed can be a test of faith, an act of hope & a joy & inspiration. The sense of freedom & flexibility is great. Of course on a bad day it can be all of the reverse, but it doesn’t take much in the small miracle department to fire us up again. Actually, our S.M.D. works pretty well & often in a low patch, when the ins & outs in accounts just won’t comply, someone will email or ring us to tell us how such & such an ointment has changed their lives. Perspectives shift, the sun shines again, the anxiety passes, replaced by a sense of this is where we’re meant to be, all’s right with the world. Haven’t waxed philosophical in ages.

chilli-harvestgolden-cayennefeijoasornamental-grape tree-dahlia-flowertree-dahlias

The Autumn harvest is coming to an end, we have processed loads of chillies, dried herbs, cooked feijoas for the freezer, stored the walnuts in sacks. We have put most of the frost tender plants into the greenhouse, although we haven’t fixed the holes in the plastic yet. There’s still firewood to cut & split, we’re hoping one or both of our boys might help out, they like that job, & we like them liking it (& there’s the spuds to dig).

The veges put in a few weeks ago have flourished in this mild weather , we’ve started eating leeks, especially delicious steamed then add a dash of dijon mustard & a good lot of grated cheese, put on hot toast for a quick lunch, superb.Florence fennel is plump, root veges look ready to eat now, & lots of silverbeet & NZ spinach, spuds & kumara are mostly in the ground still although we rush out & dig as we need them.

I’m hoping to source some pea hay or lucerne for mulching, but it’s pretty expensive at the moment, also some fresh sawdust for the greenhouse floor.We’re looking forward to a good hard frost, then we get to strip out all the tired old leaves & make a big pile of compost. It’s funny how one season leads into the next, the thought of making compost for next springs gardens is very encouraging, perhaps it’s just that we don’t get out enough!!