Saw a brilliant quote on the back of a truck today, “commonsense is genius wearing work clothes” I love it. I’m often heard to bemoan the lack of commonsense around. Years ago I read a book called ‘The Peter Principle’ which propounded the theory that generally people get promoted to a level of incompetence. This makes good sense when you think about it, often someone with great practical skills will get promoted to managing a team, teaching other people or some managerial position, for which they have few skills & no passion. My call for commonsense is that we should all learn vegetable gardening, especially if  unemployed, or low income. What a great way to help with the budget, keep fit, eat more healthily & if it’s a community garden, get to socialise & learn from other people as well. My other passion is early childhood education. I think all potential parents should be supported  by a mentor, if they don’t have family support. I remember hearing that many children are punished because their parents don’t have realistic expectations for the child’s age. For example they think the child should be toilet trained by 6 months, & then punish the child for lack of control.


(Random photo of our old dog, Pip with the tame eel that used to live in our creek.)

Ok back to things practical… I forgot to mention that we planted out garlic & onion plants about 3 weeks ago. Despite the cold & wet they are doing well. We’ve planted them in a different place from last year, most of our crop got some kind of fungal disease & did not thrive, so we are avoiding contamination. Other than that we’ve hardly been in the garden, if the weather is fine hopefully we’ll get into it next week. We have 13 lambs now, they are so sweet. Will try & get some photos to put in soon.

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