We are having the most beautiful weather, & have finally got out into the gardens. I languished with some bot for over a week, & it was torture looking out at the sunshine from my sick bed! I dosed myself up with Elecampagne syrup for my lungs, White Sage tea for my nose & Olive Tincture for my immune system, plus lots of ginger & hot soupy things like chicken laksa. I am so happy to be feeling better, & even happier to be weeding yay!! We’ve bought some seed spuds, Agria, & have them chitting  in our garden caravan. Have just spent some happy hours going through our seed supplies & putting together an order for Kings Seeds, so we’ll be out in the greenhouse when they arrive & get sowing.

We culled our hens a few months ago, as they had stopped laying, & in reality between the 5 of them we were only getting one or two eggs at best.  The sheep have been next door for a bit while the grass grows, so we were left with scraps. Happy to compost the leafy stuff but didn’t want to put bread & stuff on there in case it brought in the rats. We had a brilliant idea to put all that  bread, pasta etc on a bird table, we also put soft apples & bits of fruit out. It’s been great, so many birds around, lots of waxeyes, starlings, sparrows, some finches, mynahs (not so good) & today a pair of magpies, looking huge close up. Have also made a very makeshift table for Mum, & it’s right outside her window, so she has had a lovely time watching the goings on & trying to take photos.