We planted our seeds about 10 days ago. Geoff constructed a wooden box, that sits on the bench in the Greenhouse. It has a plastic sheet which can be rolled down to warm things up. For the first few days we kept the plastic on, but now some seeds are sprouting, we are rolling it up during the day & covering them at night.

Somewhere in this blog there is an article on seed sowing, (it’s in the Hints & Tips section) so I shan’t repeat it all here. The main points for success are:

1) firm the seed raising mix in the punnet,
2) don’t put too much soil on top of seeds,
3) soak the punnets then keep in a warm place,
4) once seedlings appear make sure they get plenty of light, but that they don’t get cooked,
5) overcrowded seedlings get sick, we often space the seeds out when we sow them, except for the minute ones, this is a big help.

We’ve got a couple of trays of cuttings on the go, it’s a good time before it gets too hot & dry, we keep them in semi shade & water regularly. Things like French Tarragon, Bergamots, Lemon Balm & Oreganos do well now, esp if you can get a piece of stem that is partly in the soil, this is called a basal cutting & they are quick to root.  Remember not to leave too much foliage on the stems as this makes them dry out.