Last week we went down to Wellington for a couple of nights. It’s always such a change going into the City. Have enclosed some photos, (mostly obscure, as to be expected.) We found it quite restful, not looking out of our window at a rampant garden crying out for attention. Of course after a couple of days we were missing said gardens & itching to get weeding. We got back on Saturday & it started to rain just as we started to unpack the car. It rained all night, 35 mm & in the morning our creek was flooding, which is always exciting. Nothing very exciting arrived, I think all the good stuff has been & gone. We used to get all sorts of old bottles & china. We have a yellow cruet set, the salt pot arrived about 12 years ago & the pepperpot about 2 years ago, very intriguing. All the flowers fell off the Sweet Chestnut tree & left our car looking like an artwork, see below.Middle photo below is  Pohutukawa petals on tree roots,

warped-cityscape pohutakawa-stamens giant-starfish

Now it’s very hot & windy, the worst weather for our poor garden, the lush growth is tender & falls over easily, the weeds are mad, but the grass is keeping the sheep happy. We have been spending an hour or so each day picking the St John’s wort flowers, they are doing very well, so it looks like we’ll be well supplied for the year.

creek-in-flood sweet-chestnut-flowers