The regular rain we’ve been getting is wonderful for the fruit crops, but our tomatoes, peppers & eggplants are not thriving with the cooler nights, usually we’d be eating toms etc by now. We are getting plenty of Zucchini, so are getting creative eating those. We have a huge crop of grapes hanging around our deck, they are just starting to colour up, so it’s time to put some bird netting over them. The Asparagus I started from seed last year are coming away really well, I think we’ll be able to start harvesting the Spring after next. We’ve got a mix of green & purple, seeds from Kings. The Taro we planted last year around our para pool have grown well & the pool is all but hidden, like a lily pond.Photos below are Ehinacea purpurea, Asparagus seedlings, Taro & ripening Grapes


We’ve nearly finished the main herb harvests now, that’s always a good feeling to know we’ve got enough oils, tinctures & dried herbs to see us through to next summer.

We’ve had very few frogs this year, & butterflies seem scarce too, apart from Cabbage Whites. Perhaps we need to look at having more Butterfly plants around, although we’ve got quite a few. We do have a lot of very busy Bumble Bees, & they work late in the evening, well after the bees have gone to bed.

Talking of bees, our hive has had a serious invasion of large Wax Moth, which are horrible big maggots, eating pollen etc & destroying the comb. We’ve never had them before, the poor bees are not very happy.

The other nasty thing at the moment to watch out for is Fly Strike, the combination of wet & warm weather & dirty bottoms in the sheep, makes them susceptible. We’ve had the flock crutched, & found one lamb with Flystrike. She was easy to spot, sitting a bit oddly & twitching her skin & nibbling at herself. It is just horrible,  we caught her & clipped back any fleece that looked damp or stained. We didn’t have powder to hand , so sprayed her with fly spray & then put our Animal First Aid ointment on all the affected places. Some days on, she’s looking a bit bald in places but seems quite happy.

Plants are a lot less stressful!!