A couple of weeks ago we tackled the gum trees that had been cut down a few months ago. We were lucky to borrow a log splitter, which was marvellous, even I could split big logs, & now that they are drier they are very fibrous to separate. We had our two sons help out, which was great as it was very physical work. Now we have our wood sheds full up, for the first time ever, I’m one happy squirrel.

Looking forward to seeing what a difference having the house insulated top & bottom will make, with luck we should have a warm & cosy winter.  The stumps are already growing new sprouts, which in a few years will become firewood too. This variety of coppicing gum is called Eucalyptus saligna. It needs planting after the frosts, but once they get established they grow fast.

We burnt all the branches in a heap, with the thick ends sticking out, so that we can cut them up to burn in the coalrange. Waste not want not!!

new-sprouts-coppicing-1 finished-product-1 bonfire-salvaging-branches-for-house-fire-1 splitter-in-action-1 menfolk-in-action-1 logs-waiting-to-be-split-1