Last weekend we managed to get some time in the garden, we have finished planting out the Garlic, & we put in some plants of Thornless Blackberry along one of the fences. We’re gradually creating an area of perennial plants, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Gooseberries, Globe Artichokes & Asparagus. The Asparagus seeds that I sowed 18 months ago are now vigorous plants, & some are already putting up Spring shoots, we’ve weeded around them, mulched the edges of the bed with cardboard & then put compost over the whole lot, I’m very proud of them.

Early garlic Italian Broccoli Leek crop

I was thinking how misleading photos can be, I took pics of the Leeks & Garlic, & the beautiful Italian Broccoli & you might think that we have an immaculate garden!!! Guess what? it’s mostly a shambles, I felt I should fess up so you don’t feel inadequate!

Our creek in floodspot the picnic table

Since our lovely day in the garden it has rained pretty much non-stop, a few leaks have appeared indoors, the water flows through the place, heading downhill to the creek, & the creek turns into a roiling, deep monster, quite unfamiliar, & exciting… so long as it doesn’t get too high. Large logs wash down & heaps of smaller debris which catches on the boundary fence like a beaver dam, eventually the fence collapses, & we prop it up with bits of wood  & baling twine. The good news is that our new paths have passed the test & we can get to our garage & workroom without sloshing through ankle deep mud, & the lawn looks green instead of mud, yay!

brick & concrete path