Lake at POukawa

It’s still raining & we are over it! I’ve been having sleepless nights, as I listen to the rain persisting down & fret about the lambs. I should know better, in the morning as I peer blearily out, I see the gang of lambs, somewhat muddy, but obviously fine, as they do that magic thing where they spring, all four legs at once, straight up in the air, like mini ejector seats. Even in the depressing greyness & mud we laugh at their antics. Why do they love even the smallest mound of dirt, leaping up & down like mad things, & just what do they find to gnaw on the gate post?  More curiously, how do these bright, lively creatures turn into sheep?

Speckle's Lambs Speckles being nosey

Geoff & I have both been struck down by the bug that is doing the rounds. It could be flu, both worse than a cold, more debilitating & not so awful in the sneezing, fluid department. Gross anyway, although in a way the weather has been on our side, making the choice to camp in the living room, by the fire, an easy one. If it was fine we’d be tempted to drag ourselves out into the garden.


As well as plenty of rest, herb teas, hot soups etc, we were advised to take Blis Throat Guard tablets, & I think they have helped to keep the cough at bay, for me anyway. Geoff didn’t like the taste so wasn’t so diligent at taking them, & his cough is worse than mine. I’m inclined to asthma, & will do anything to keep my lungs happy.

Along with the ‘flu’ & grey & mud, we had some sad news about our lovely dog, Rifkin. She has a lump on her throat, which is a Lymphoma, cancer.  Luckily she is happy & lively at the moment, still keen to play soccer or chase soft toys, but prognosis is not good. We are going to try homeopathics, & lots of love, cross our fingers, pray.

It’s a special time for being with her, she is such a neat dog, with a big smile & a way of getting  so dirty & strewn with debris, you wouldn’t believe it. This of course gets dragged into the house, where we grumble as we sweep it up. No more, I shall be grateful for the dog hair on the carpet, & the twigs & dead leaves. All kind thoughts, most gratefully received. XX