Our creative juices have been flowing over the last few days. It all started with our trip to Northland & the beautiful & original toilets in Kawakawa. Then I developed a passion for turquoise & started buying old cushions & fabric, replacing our much used, but rather dull cushion covers we got in Bali years ago. I cheated a bit by buying secondhand pillow cases as a starting point.

Then…I found an inspiring, but old book in the op shop, called ‘Painted Country’ by Tricia Guild. Geoff & I pored over the sumptuous pictures & old furniture, wondering how to get that look. Well we have old furniture but it didn’t look very classy. We had an ‘aha!’ moment, when we realised that we could just get some test pots & paint here & there, not needing to match everything up tidily, but just play.

A trip to Resene’s saw us come home with numerous little pots, & the missing ingredient: Crackle Glaze.

Turquoise over yellow crackle glaze Upcycled cupboard with sprigs of Virginia Creeper Berries

Our latest obsession! How much can we use crackle glaze without it being too much? We had two very practical, but not very decorative cupboards, the back of our computer set up, some small draws & the door of the toilet, now all crackled with various degrees of success, but definitely improved. We’ve also painted the doors out onto the deck four shades of blue & turquoise, which match the sheets we’ve hung up as shade sails. It all feels cool & fresh, & the blues now pull out other blue objects in the house. Suddenly Geoff’s T shirt enhances the colour scheme.  We’ve probably spent $50 max & have a whole new feel to the living room & deck. Brilliant!

Crackle glaze, Komaru Blue over Hot Chilli Tradascantia house plant set off by the new colours

Years ago we used to read a book to the kids, called “The Big Orange Splot’ the repeating theme being ‘my house is me & I am it, it looks like all my dreams.” I’ll second that!