I just wanted to put in some bird photos that we’ve taken over the last couple of weeks. It’s actually much harder than you might think to get a clear picture of a bird, especially one that moves around alot. This means that for each shot that even has a bird in it, there are at least 10 with nothing but background. We have been chasing an elusive Fantail around the house, ending up with 20 photos of the cobwebs on our ceiling, but no bird.

There were three Tuis in the Birch tree the other day, one was so puffed up it looked huge, the other two were hopping around it, perhaps they were babies? Anyway Geoff managed to get a few good shots of it chortling away.

Tui In Birch Tree Tuis

The Waxeyes have discovered the Pineapple Sage bush that flowers outside our bedroom window, about six of them were busy feeding on the nectar & I managed to creep up & get a couple of clear pictures. They are such beautiful, lively little things, also quite hard to catch with the camera.

Silver Eye or Wax Eye in Pineapple Sage Bush Waxeye

Lastly a stunning Wood Pigeon that we came across at Waipatiki. It was stuffing itself full of the leaves & flowers of the Morning Glory vine. It seemed an unusual thing to eat, but luckily for us, it was so engrossed it didn’t mind us stealthily approaching. What a big & beautiful bird, with lovely white markings & an irridescent pink & mauve back. It made my day to see it.

Native Wood Pigeon or Kereru waipatiki Kereru