After last week’s rain, we spent an hour or so, fossicking for fungi, not to eat, just to admire. I only know the names of the red spotted Fly Agarics, so welcome any info on the others.

The ‘Cornflake’ orange fungi are minute, some were growing on a pinecone & there were hundreds on it. They have an amazing underside, like honeycomb.

Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric

Fly AgaricsCornflake Fungi

The waterfall toadstools were growing right under the water & creating their own little falls.We also found some pale fungi that looked like little pies with crimped edges, a leathery, brown toadstool & some little brown ones that looked like shrouds draped over hoops.

Waterfall FungiToadstools on driveLeathery ToadstoolBrown Fungi

What I love about these magical growths is that they appear as if from nowhere, pushing up through soil, bark & rotting wood & they have such delicacy & fine detail. They are short lived & disappear as readily as they appear. The variety of shapes & colours is so cool, I think I am going to spend the damp months with my nose to the ground looking for more little treasures, which no doubt will be photographed & added in here.