Frosted lawn Sheep moving nextdoor

How is it that I can write inspired posts for the blog in the middle of the night, & then draw a complete blank in the morning? I’m sure there was something great I wanted to share, I’ll just carry on & hope it pops into my brain.

Life here at Millstream is pretty cruisy at the moment, we are having cold, clear, frosty nights & then hot, sunny days, it’s perfect. We plan our days around the weather, so we go to the workroom until morning teatime & then if we can, we get into the gardens for a few hours. Last year we hardly did any weeding & the gardens were in chaos all Summer, so it’s looking promising for this Spring.

  • The soft fruit house is weeded & mulched, with new Raspberry canes & new Strawberries planted, very exciting.
  • The Asparagus bed is already sprouting, so we’ve put some frost cloth over it, so we can eat those shoots, instead of them being frozen.
  • We’ve dug over the Arnica beds & replanted, they seem to need re-working every couple of years.
  • We’ve even got the greenhouse tidied & have planted lettuce in there, where they are thriving & keeping us in salad greens.
  • Now we’re attacking some of the less daunting flower beds, we’ve decided to ignore the Couch Grass & just plant vigorous bushy stuff that can hold it’s own.
  • Now it’s time to get some Onion plants into the ground & plant our Garlic too.

We have some new lambs, but they are at the neighbours at the moment so we haven’t seen them yet.The Dragon’s Gold Kowhai is bursting with flowers & buds & we are getting regular visits from a couple of Bellbirds, which is magic.

On our ‘to do’ list for the next couple of weeks, more weeding,  a small yard so we can pen our sheep to drench or dock, a new water line to Mum’s & the workroom.

Also we have started work on a Millstream book, with help from Giles. Some of it comes from this blog, some from classes we’ve taught, some recipes & various other bits & pieces we’ve gathered together, & lots of photos. We welcome any & all suggestions & feedback, also would love to hear from anyone who has self published.