Well, we are making some progress on our ‘to do’ list. We’ve got garlic & onions planted & they are all growing fast. We’ve weeded some more patches of garden & mulched them with our autumn leaf mixture. Geoff has moved the mobile compost heap to a new position, so we can fill it up with all the weeds. This week we pruned the orchard, dealing quite hard to the apples & pears, which had become very tangled. The Almond tree is in full bloom & looks stunning, & the plums are not far behind. In the gardens the Magnolia stellata is also lovely, the Dragon’s Gold is still flowering, it must be 2 months now!

We just managed to squeeze in some seed sowing before the full moon, a mix of ancient packets we found in the back of the cupboard & things like Phacelia, sunflowers & Cornflowers. We’re holding off for a couple of weeks before sowing tomato & pepper seeds etc, our moon calender says the best time is between the 9th & 19th of Sept. We’ve picked up a trailer of re-cycled potting mix, so hope to get into our potted plants & re-pot, & tidy them, ready to put a selection on Trade Me in a month or so.

We bought two lots of seed potatoes, Agria & Rua, both main crops, these are sitting in trays to sprout, while the weather warms up a bit more, we’ve also got some Old Blue, Kowiniwini & Moi Moi kept from last year’s crop. (Chitting Potatoes is covered in the blog, also seed sowing, you can find by using the search function.)

Full Moon Seed Sowing

Now is also a great time to take basal cuttings of plants, these are small pieces broken from the base of a plant, with stem & a bit of stalk from under the soil. Any plants that go dormant over Winter, & are just starting to come away, are perfect to try. I’ve taken pieces of French Tarragon, Lemon Balm, Bergamot, Good King Henry, Motherwort & Greek Oregano. These are popped into trays & punnets of sandy mix, & kept in a semi-shaded spot, where we can keep them moist.

We were thinking of filling in our concrete pond, because it is in the shade a lot of the time, now that the trees have grown up around it, but today we saw two frogs sitting in the sun on the bricks, a skinny male & a huge plump female, so I think we’ll leave it be, in the hopes of getting some more frogs around, or at least make sure we have some water there in a barrel or put plastic into half the pond.

Update: The frogs motivated us, ( by watching us forlornly!)  to get the pond cleaned out of dead leaves, repot the plants Didgit (puppy) had dragged out into very heavy clay pots, & dig up a large, dark flax that was taking over the world!  We took away heaps of weeds & prunings, & now we have a cool piece of garden with some treasures planted in it, & hopefully an appealing place for our froggy friends to procreate.

Couldn’t leave out an updated pic of Didgit, now 8 months old, & starting to look less like a wolf & more like a Beardie.

Didgit 8 months Pregnant Frog