S. patens Salvia madrensis

Usually when I am preparing to write an entry in this blog, I wander around the garden with my camera & take photos of various interesting or obscure things. This time I found our collection of Sages, (Salvias) all flowering merrily because of our mild Autumn. So I am putting in a selection of images, most of these are ornamental rather than medicinal, but are so colourful & lovely that they are well worth growing. In fact I think we should get a whole lot more planted in our garden.

 S. mexicanaS.confertiflora Boatman's Sage S. bethellii

Some of them, like S. confertiflora (flirty Flora to her friends)S. patens  & S. madarensis are frost tender, so we will need to take cuttings VERY soon if we want to have plants next Spring. Luckily they grow readily from cuttings, so it’s not a problem. As well as these beauties I realised we have Pineapple sage, Annual Clary, & Pink & purple varieties of S. superba, Grahamii Sage plus a plant with small grey leaves & lovely blue flowers, all of which survive from year to year, the Annual Clary self seeds.

s. guaranitica Clary sage S.sclarea  Black Knight Sage

We’ve lost our Tricolour Sage, as it sulks with wet feet, & one of our Red Sages looks to be succumbing too, luckily we have several Red Sages planted about the place, & one in a pot to thoroughly avoid  wet feet during the Winter. Funnily enough, the Golden Sage, which is right next to the dead Red is looking perfectly happy.

We find the White Sage quite tempermental, some plants thrive, & others fade away, & it’s almost impossible to grow from cutting. The seeds germinate well but often we lose at least 2/3, strange. However once it is established it grows fast & well handling both hot summers & wet, cold winters. We burn the dried leaves in a bowl to clear energies, mostly because I simply cannot master the art of making Smudge Sticks. We’ve also made Hydrosol with it, & this is a really simple way to cleanse. I often mist myself when I come back from town, just to shake off all the busy vibe.

White Sage S. apiana Gold Sage S. officinalis Icterina Red Sage S.officinalis purpurea