Geoff came across this speech, written by Rob McGowan about working with plants, traditions of healing, & the need for working with intent. It’s a bit of a trendy sales pitch these days, but the reality of working closely with the plants in our gardens & bush is that it adds a whole added dimension to our lives & our remedies. This speech is a wonderful, concise & eloquent description & exploration of that relationship. I hope you will take a few minutes to read it.

I remember attending a Herb Conference, some 15 years ago now, & I had the feeling that I was out of step with many of the other participants, who could discuss at length the strengths of tinctures & how many  papers they had achieved in various modalities. (Interestingly, many of them could not identify even the commonest weeds & plants, or where to find them.)

Then Susun Weed stood up to speak, she spoke of the Wise Woman Way, & the gentle plants & their uses. I sat in the audience, moved to tears, feeling validated in my hands-on knowledge, that my years of having soil on my hands & under my feet counted for something. That something may not be quantified but it is valid, & for me it is the foundation of my love of herbs.

A stand of Salsify seed heads, Te Onepu Road