It was just such a misty moisty morning today, so I decided to get creative instead of moaning about the greyness. I took the photos below at about 8.30 just as the sun was starting to melt some of the mist away. I’m pleased with the results, they capture the mood,  dripping & monochrome, & a bit menacing.

An hour or so later the skies had cleared & optimism returned. I took some pics of the burgeoning buds on the Horse Chestnut & catkins on the Hazel bushes, which serve to remind me that Spring will be arriving again. To prove it, our first lamb was born yesterday, & luckily for it, we are expecting a few fine days ahead, Yay!!  About 3 weeks ago, we spent a few days helping some friends harvest their first crop of olives, in the sunshine even. It was a lovely job once our necks & shoulders had adjusted, perhaps made all the more pleasant because we knew we only had a few days work.

I’ve been experimenting with making Hawthorn berry tincture for palpitations, Geoff & I found a bush just laden with fruit, down a side road, & picked a bag full. I stripped them off the stalks & put them in a jar, filling it with Vodka. (Geoff was not impressed I’d found his private stash of  it) Left in a cool dark place for 2 weeks & shaken when I remembered. The resulting brew was very thick, so I added some water to wash all the goodies out of the fruit. I’m taking a teaspoonful 2-3 times a day, & I think it’s helping. Plus the breathing like blowing up a balloon exercises, (I blame menopause, seems to be a common effect, dammit.) The vege garden is going well despite the wet, the garlic is sprouting, & the onions are starting to grow.  I found a whole lot of Fennel seedlings coming up, so have planted some to replace the ones we’re eating. The Broadbeans are up, & we’ve just sown some early carrots, Manchester Table I think. We are choosing blunter types as they are easier to pull up, instead of snapping the tops off  &  then it’s a pain to have  to go in search of digging implements. It may be a bit early, we’ll see. The brassicas are looking good, but nothing big enough to be edible yet.  We’ve got some lettuces under frost cloth which are feeding us, along with Sorrel, Corn Salad & Silverbeet leaves. We’ve moved the Strawberry bed, & bought new plants for it this year, 2 varieties, the names of which we promptly forgot as soon as we got back in the car. We might dot the old plants around the place for the Grandchildren to find.