We’ve just come back from a night in Wellington. I think I am getting less tolerant of city life as I get older.

I’ve been reading a book called ‘The Introvert Advantage,’ by Marti Olsen Laney. Among many things I have learned that are perfectly normal for me as an introvert, is the concept of sensory overload.  Which explains why I can’t think straight with loud music playing, why I go to a party & wish I was at home again, why I don’t like answering the phone & why I get exhausted in a city.

View from Seventh Floor015Gargoyle

The noise, the people, the visual stimulation is all too much. So after 24 hours I was almost comatose with exhaustion! We got home about 7 pm & sat on the deck eating scrambled eggs, apart from the bird song it was blissfully still & quiet, that lovely, soft, golden evening light,& a pair of young Fantails practising their acrobatics, what more could an introvert want? or even a moderate extrovert like Geoff?

While we sat, we watched the Paradise Ducks in the neighbouring paddock, & snuck over to take some photos. I’ve put these up in ‘the Good, the Bad & the Ugly’ category, with some info about them.

A couple of random thoughts & images from Wellington: We finally got to walk around St Peter’s Church,(on the corner of Willis & Ghuznee Sts) which we often have driven past. It has a bemusing collection of rather benign & befuddled looking gargoyles, some of whom I have included pictures of below.

St Peter's Gargoyles 1St Peter's Gargoyle 4ST Peter's Gargoyle 3St Peter's Gargoyle 2

We watch Grand Designs when we remember, & have been watching the latest series where Kevin Mcleod is building a shed/retreat. He spent a lot of time making glue out of rabbit skins boiled with urine. When tested it was immensely strong. I was very surprised to come across packets of Rabbit Skin Glue for sale in the art shop, Gordon Harris in Wellington. I wonder what it’s used for & if it is still made with boiled urine!

Rabbit Skin GlueTripper our 3 legged Cat

I read an article in the Dom. Post by Gareth Morgan about cats & their cost on our native bird & lizard population, they estimate that a cat makes about 60 kills ayear, often not eating the prey. We have always had a cat, supposedly to keep the mice  & rats down, but in fact they mostly would bring them indoors, alive & let them go, so that the mouse would run under the fridge, or the back of a cupboard & have a warm place for the Winter!

Our cat, Tripper has only 3 legs, being born with only one front leg  so he could never climb a tree.  Now that he is about 12 years old he doesn’t even bother to look at a bird let alone stalk one. We’re wondering how hard it would be to find another 3 legged cat, when the time comes to replace him? Most likely that won’t happen so we shall become a cat free zone.