Well we’ve been caught out by the frost! I have a list of pre-frost jobs written in my diary, & now some of them are obsolete.  My good intentions included taking cuttings of the frost tender Salvias, moving tender plants into the greenhouse & covering the citrus with frost cloth. Hmmm, on the plus side we have harvested the Basil & made it into pesto, harvested the butternut squash & the few chillies that have grown, & moved some of the potted plants under cover.


Also managed to take some photos of the wonderful Tree Dahlia looking fantastic, it is now a blackened & soggy mess, (see last photo) so we were lucky.


Geoff gave me a great book for my birthday, called ‘Herbarium Amoris, Floral Romance’ by Edvard Koinberg. It consists of many exquisite photographs on black backgrounds. Many are close ups of flowers & plants, these are arrayed in sequence according to the floral calender devised by Carl Linnaeus in the 1700s. Linnaeus studied flowers very closely & brought about the ‘sexual revolution’ in plant classification, which was highly controversial at the time. The photos are sumptuous & many include images of decay & deterioration as well as freshness & abundance. I have been inspired to go forth with my camera & record some images in different ways. Anyone who enjoys plant images will love it & I highly recommend you get hold of a copy of this book through the library & check it out.


Feijoas are everywhere, not least under our 6 trees. It’s been a bumper crop, many large fruit & delicious too. We came across a great website called ‘Feijoafeijoa‘ which has some excellent recipes using the fruit, including curries & salsa. We feed the sheep the small ones, the fence is just close enough that we can hurl them over, & the sheep love them.

bumper-crop spent-cardoon-flower